reaching khasab (by abalonia)
Under hazel trees near Les Eyzies (by alwindeclercq)

by Roman Lysenko

Rain forest canopy walkway, Borneo 

I think we are and will alwaysbe lonely people in a lonelyworld under lonely stars.We can never starve our loneliness.We can only hope that by thecompany of others,it doesn’t devour us.(Christopher Poindexter)

Rainy Houston Night 

A beautiful monsoon sunset north of Tucson in the Marana area,
Red Sky in Marana; Mike Olbinski

Cotton Candy in Mexico City.

Mija, open the windows! #mexicanmomsbelike #megustaelchile #espicy

This makes me feel very uncomfortable
You’re worried about getting things successfully done in order to attain some degree of self-worth. Your soul is for sale; You most likely deceive yourself in order to convince yourself. Letting go equals failing, isn’t that right? And you forget outstandingly well, don’t you? You forget that It takes admirable courage not only to try but also to gracefully give up. - Albert Camus, Notebooks, 1951-1959

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spotting galaxies (by STEPtheWOLF)